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Yabu Kota magnified! [entries|friends|calendar]

yabu & ya-ya-yah through my eyes

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January 31st, 2007
frantic! [
[ mood | thankful ]

eekkk!! only several minutes left..

It's (still) January 31st
congratulations on your 17th birthday, Yabu!

even when I'm having a tough time
I feel calm when I see your smile
even when I'm having a stupid fight with my best friend
I can smile when I see you dance
even when my grades were a little bad last year
I can laugh..er..wait...
I cried when I hear your songs
and I feel better again

I don't know anything about you
yet you inspires me so much
okashii darou na..

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December 26th, 2006
Christmas Presents [
[ mood | exanimate ]

Shokura is love..we all know that.

But the Christmas Special, with a pair of Santas as cameramen, reminded us with several reasons why Shokura is and always will be love!

♥  The letter segment brings out the most adorable couples together if not the most weird/random (like wtf UedaxRyo) in the most heartfelt  confessions/revelations
♥  Shokura is the place where the next generation of Jr leaders/super Johnnys were born and nurtured  (the Yamapi chant  *o* )
♥  Shokura also shows that it is totally okay to act like total dorks as opposed to your cool stage self (KAT-TUN skits LOL) 
♥  AND you can be a Johnny and still be tsukkomi'ed (can't wait to see Hikaru and Taiyo as the newest comedy duo XD). 

also, Yamada Ryosuke's voice is really getting deeper..I so want him to debut as the next Johnnys duo with Yuto ☆

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December 20th, 2006
eighteen celebrations! [
[ mood | dorky ]

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December 17th, 2006
all I want for Christmas... [
[ mood | christmasy ]

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December 10th, 2006
riding upon the wind ^-^ [
[ mood | refreshed ]

Why am I not updating much even though it's already school holidays over here!!!!!!!! (-_-;) Another school year finished \^^/ but I so don't wanna think about next year, my last year of high school, where everything depends on that one big exam, time to lessen club activities (my beloved editorial club...) time to think about uni and stuff, time to part with school friends, in short...time to be an adult..well, at least time to think like one..uhmm..how do you think like an adult anyway? always thinking about the future?

In times like these, hearing a positive uplifting songs would be good. Yeah. I'll do that..

Start! always put me in a genki mood, like "just do it, that thing you've been reluctant to do so. like, NOW!"

but Kaze ni Notte remains my top feel-good song, I was one of the very few who voted for it when Kami-chan did her survey a while ago..I don't know..it could well be my all-time favourite Ya-Ya-yah song even if they keep on releasing new songs..

I guess there's only one reason why this is so..Collapse )

and I think December is a good month to reflect on stuffs..
Allyson's recollection #2Collapse )

Yabu and Ya-Ya-yah's LiveStage performance of Asu e and Kaze ni Notte  :    MU  |   SS

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December 2nd, 2006
sixteen [
[ mood | grateful ]

Hikaru-kun, for your special day, I can sing birthday songs in multiple languages, I can throw baskets of confetti in different colours, and I can even bake a birthday cake in assorted flavours. But I won't write an essay on how you totally won me over just by being yourself. Because I don't think this admiration of mine needs any more justification. You are a blessing to Ya-Ya-yah and in all honesty, I think that without you, Taiyo wouldn't enjoy being a baka, Shoon wouldn't show glimpse of his buried playfulness and Yabu wouldn't be able to remember the meaning of FUN. Thank you for helping Ya-Ya-yah shine so brightly with that light of yours, that I hope will never, ever be dimmed ^^

o-tanjoubi omedetou!

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November 27th, 2006
contrary [
[ mood | ditzy ]

Somebody need to give Ya-Ya-yah a lesson on how to properly autograph like an idol

               1)     2)

               3)       4) 

so who are actually behind these shiny and chirpy looking signatures? well, let's see..

1) actually has a very provocative looking abdomen *yes, in that risqué kind of way*

2) can't seem to stop pulling his jacket, probably keen to expose his sexy armpit *stop giving him jackets to perform with, really*

3) the one that looks like a 10-year-old chicken-scratch scribble is actually into crotch touching   *facepalm*

4) well...the fourth one...er..is exactly as what is depicted in his signature..LOL

seriously, they want to debut with these kind of autographs?
collectively we have two hearts, two faces, a star and an upward arrow (huh?)
Oh, and a SUN. rising with a smile. wtf.

Somebody need to tell them that when they debut, they would probably need to sign a few thousand autographs each month and I bet they can't keep up with these very intricate designed autograph...I mean, they would be immensely busy and tired most of the time, so the eyebrows on Hikaru's sign could look like it's frowning, and Yabu's arrow could seem to be downward and yes..Taiyo might not have the time to draw the SUN. What could this lead to? discontent fangirls e.g

"Hika doesn't like me, the face on the sign isn't smiling "  *emos*

"Not fair! How come yours got a SUN and mine doesn't?"  *scruffle*

"OMG Kota is feeling down! look at the arrow!" *cries*

LOL ..I actually adore their signatures though...because it still reflects a bit of their playful and mischievious side admist all the sexyness and sluttiness vibe they're currently giving out..some people are okay with the new image, while some are not so happy, but I guess I'm thankful that they only start to play up with their sexyness now, at a quite suitable age, and that they were kiddies when they were 11-14 years old..because frankly, a sexy-pimpage of Yamada Ryousuke at only 13, freaks me out like no other..

Allyson's recollection #1Collapse )

ps the signature image thanks to Irea<3 and Korean blog Just Moving On (which I don't have the link XD)

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November 18th, 2006
perplexed [
[ mood | puzzled ]

I am still perplexed. By Shoon that is. I had hoped his long awaited SC would bring me some kind of insight on how he would present himself as an idol outside the influence of his 'labeled character' in Ya-Ya-yah. But it was exactly the same Shoon that I am recently familiar with.  Thoughtful and laidback, with relaxed enthusiasm and was characteristically calm. Not a hint of over-eagerness nor any attempt in making himself more appealing.  And by appealing, I meant it in the Johnny's term of appealing. You know, the flirty interaction with audience, excessive camera attention, clever, witty and funny remarks, the "I'm here, look at me" vibe.. the Johnny's stamp of star appeal.

Instead, he was, how should I put this...normal.

So, what was it that I had expected from him then? It's just that I thought he would finally prove that I was right, that he, just like most Juniors there, is apprehensive of his future in Johnnys fickle idol world, so obviously he would definitely take this chance to prove that he can be as attention-grabbing as Yabu is and as funny and spontaneous as Hikaru as well. Well, he did prove me wrong though, that an idol doesn't always have to be like that.  Shoon doesn't need to do all that 'appealing' stuff just to make himself more appealing. He's way above that already. Just by being himself. So I thought, this is Shoon's stamp of confidence, ne ^^

In a way, you still perplex me, but you have worked hard ne Shoon-kun..otsukaresama deshita!

And with that said, I hope to know more about you, and how you would present your acting side on screen, so I'm finally downloading Satomi Hakkenden gosh I know everybody watched it already, I was just too distracted, blame it on Yabu. ADDED 20/11 : WTF 1.6 gig?? *faints*

Intense Shoon capped by kichi_kawaii

Why did they change the hand movements to Itoshii no Playgirl chorus? Just when I had it memorized >.< 
ADDED 20/11: Hmm..I see...they changed it for the sake of the fangirls, the new hand choreography is much more easier and simpler, see those front row girls looked so happy to be able to do the moves too..

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November 3rd, 2006
Asu E [
[ mood | cheerful ]

There was a time when I feel that there's no way Yabu Kota is the same age as I am..in his pics when he was <13,  all I see was this 'kid' who emits a kind of enthusiasm that only a ferret on drugs could match..he was small, he was childish and he demands attention. believe me, back when I was 13, I already felt like a mature grown up girl (I thought I was) LOL but a 13 year-old Yabu..is just...a kid.

But he was an ambitious kid. While other members wished for a mere debut, 12 year-old Yabu already dreamt of Stardom..I guess you could say that I kinda regret on missing his amazing 2-3 years of growth from then on.. because this amazing growth could only be driven by that one dream, one ambition - to emulate Koichi's sexyness in SHOCK   STARDOM. Sure he stumbled once or twice, here and there, maybe he had desperately tried to adapt with the changes around him and the changes in him and all the while shouldering leadership responsibilities  ..but it all paid off.

<---And when I first saw this image of a now 16 year-old, I see serenity. A calm face with a content smile. And I thought
"ah..he's matured, and he's leaving me behind"


no, really..I feel like he's speeding up too fast towards adulthood leaving me (who had boastfully thought she was a more mature 13 year-old compared to 13 year-old Yabu)  way behind..or rather rooted at 16..or reverting me to 13 again LOL. He's achieving great things and he doesn't seem afraid to keep on going forward..towards tomorrow. His tomorrow.

and he's leaving me behind! (uwaaaaa......) <- me acting like a childish 13 year old who reeks immaturity =/

I won't lose to you Yabu! I want to fearlessly march towards my tomorrow too! LOL

p.s I seriously cannot remember where this scan was from and just happily turn it into a fangirl-edited Yabu image..so uh..I guess credit goes to whoever scanned the original image..I'll remember who to credit next time! I Promise!
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October 28th, 2006
Yatta! [
[ mood | pleased ]

I just noticed that over at yayayah comm, the profile for Ya-Ya-yah was updated, so I tried to gather some similar traits that I share with each member. Yes, pure randomness..

Let's see..for Yabu, we share weakness in Maths. (yay!) You have no idea how happy I am to know this..that my favourite idol could possibly hate Maths too like I do >.<

Ahem..okay, Hikaru. Hmm...I actually love Geography..I don't like dogs...can't do a handstand...wish I had a double tooth too..eh..looks like I don't have anything in common with Hikaru except that we both like spicy food, and yup the hotter the better!

next is Shoon..he actually likes natto? Yes! we both have bad sense of direction! in my case, let me stress the word BAD..like seriously, don't ever ask me for directions..I can even get lost in my own hometown which I have been living in since..forever LOL

lastly is Taiyo! somehow penguins being his favourite animal made me fall back off my chair.."Good point: able to reach places because is so tall" okay, how about a direct opposite trait ; that my "Bad point: NOT able to reach places because is so short" (-_-;) 
we all know you can reach the ceiling, Taiyo, do you have to rub it in?!

one more thing, in my previous post, I wondered if any JE boys ever got affected by their 'vanity-conscious' surrounding and I could imagine that Yabu probably love to cross-dress..saa..one statement from Yabu's profile could possibly give us a hint on the possibility of it  LOL --->

If you were reborn, would you like to be a man or a woman: woman (would wanna try it)

oh dear..
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October 23rd, 2006
bye bye my school, hello Horikoshi! [
[ mood | what? ]

They are trying to entice us all, those evil Horikoshi administrators..

this was just upped from Fiona's website, it seems that even school booklet is being auctioned nowadays ^^;
thanks to My Happy Town for the image, the doodles thanks to me XD
now if you'll excuse me I need to fill out my school transfer form, really.


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October 17th, 2006
dream school [
[ mood | curious ]

Now that I've interviewed the Taiyo lookalike, I see him around school a lot, almost everyday ^^; I noticed him at the cafeteria during break, at the school field during PE and at the school gates after school and we exchanged smiles at the hallways and OMG yes, his smile is exactly like Taiyo wtf only he has smaller teeth. And the more I see him around, the more I think he resembles Taiyo, but then also the more 'normal' he becomes. Like when I first saw him, my jaw literally dropped to the floor, but now, even if he still looks, walks, and smile like Taiyo, I'm like "ah hey, it's Taiyo". Period. I mean, I'd expect myself to at least  try and stalk talk to him more and maybe become friends or something, I mean he's hot. He's blessed with Taiyo's hotness. So wut in the end he's still a normal guy to me?

So I'm starting to make no sense but then this thought came along, what would I do if I were in the SAME school as Yabu, Hikaru, Taiyo and Shoon like omg in Horikoshi High? My fangirl mind would definitely squeel omgyes!!and  I'm definitely gonna make Yabu notice me and inevitably fall crazy in love with me that he will compose songs with my name in it and sang it at Ya-Ya-yah's debut concert. LOL. Then I would become best friends with Hikaru that he can cheer me up when I'm down with his monkey antics and stupid air-whatever impressions. LOL. And I would come up with plans to be the most favourite kouhai of the hottest sempai in school, Shoon. LOL. and wtf the class president, Taiyo? I would be so obliging to him that he'll elect me to be his personal assistant LOL

but would I really?

the truth is, if I was a Horikoshi student, I may not be their fangirl at all, being in such close proximity with your idol everyday, to the point of being acquaintances, classmates or even friends just takes away the highs and the joy of all those fangirly dreams and wishes..I think that being a fangirl, you flourish with the thought of how your idol is so above you, so higher above, so unreal  that it seems that they almost in another world altogether, and they seem so desirable because of the very fact that they're almost unreachable and untouchable to us fans, and we relish the thought of finally meeting them face to face even if we think it may not happen in our lifetime and why yes we think they are the most perfect human being ever created >.< so, if I have the chance to be reborn again, would I want to be reborn as someone close to the members of Ya-Ya-yah and risk ruining my perfect image of Yabu ? like for all I know, Yabu is actually a true blue cross- dresser who enjoys  smearing his lips with dark red lipstick and religiously leave kiss marks on his bedroom mirror each night before he sleeps..err yeah >.<

but still I love the thought of being in the same school with them. I mean, all FOUR of them, same school, same uniform wtf and Taiyo and Hikaru in the same class wtf and Taiyo is the Inchou wtf. How perfect a school world can get? I would love to actually see them just walk normally through the school hallways, being normally late to school, being normally thrown chalksticks from the teacher for sleeping in class and being normally  crushed by their normal classmate dream girl.  And I would also love to see all those formalities in school too, like how Hikaru bows  before entering the school gate, how Yabu called the senpai, Shoon-san and how Taiyo would ask his classmates to be quiet and omg I want to see Taiyo's "class, stand, bow! " >.<

Just a part of their normal life and normal self, their non-idol self..even if it may show all the flaws that they've been cleverly hiding behind their Johnnys masks, and even if in the end I realized that, just like the Taiyo lookalike, they're just normal guys,  I still want to see it, I want to see it all!

So yes! please let me be reborn as a student of Horikoshi High ! LOL


I wanted the pictures to all have the same Horikoshi emblem shown, so their expressions here may not be the prettiest LOL (credits to moonlight boy)
argh...why can't I have a nice big clear, unmarked picture of Yabucchi in Horikoshi uniform???????  all my search return zilch result!! the treasure has been found!

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October 11th, 2006
delayed! [
[ mood | curious ]

There is a Taiyo double in our school! No, I'm serious! Our school just won some major swimming competition and I get to interview this up and coming new star  (why haven't I noticed him in school before!!!) and was completely shell-shocked and star-strucked! He is like a carbon-copy of Taiyo, with the height and everything..lucky I brought my recorder during the interview because all I could think of while he was blabbing away about his daily training routine was "OMG I want to see him dance to Ai wa Nuudo". Now I wonder if we have a Yabu lookalike...

I keep putting off my 061001 SC review so I just lump it all here with the latest one.

October Shokura Verdict = Yabu tucking hair behind ear is Love, Yabu giving flying kiss is Love, Yabu wink is Love, Yabu's melody in To the Freedom is mad Love


Other main things that caught my eyes :

1) Yamada Ryosuke - His eyes are literally shining!, like if you look closely, there's light in each eye (of course because of reflection,  his eyes are so black), but when he smiles, his eyes also 'smiles', that it twinkles! o_o so, first time producing a shokura episode, must be tiring for him because it seems like he really took care of the whole thing, running here for MC talk, running back to backdance (in most songs), solo dance, duet performance...and while he look most comfortable and all smiles when singing and dancing, I must say he looked a bit uncomfortable during the MC talk throughout the show, not necessarily scared, just maybe he's not used to it yet. But love his singing voice, love his talking voice, he's just made of idol stuffs

2) Ya-Ya-yah - Hikaru. You didn't have enough sleep or something? Did your dance half-assed in BOTH shows and forgetting the mic? Lucky you have mounts of charm though, off-hand spontaneous answers during MC talk and that hillarious expression during air-drums challenge saves the day for you. And saying that Higashiyama is sexy. Clever boy to mention a dai-sempai, as with Yamada's reason for entering Johnnys  (Koichi's sexy finger/hand?) LOL.  But who does Taiyo think is sexy? Senga. He honestly think that or he just want to earn some laughs? but in Sayaendou he looks delighted to be out of Yabu and Hikaru's shadow, and he really did well!

3) B.A.D Boys - I missed the whole Kanjani8 Kansai craze, but I think these guys can live up to the name of their Kansai senpais crazy-ness.  Hillarious 'sexy poses'  talks and solid singing and backflipping and stuffs. Love their enthusiastic "Onegaishimasu!"  Approved! but one guy is missing, Junta right? Where was he?

4) Kis-My-Ft2 - If their fans wanted to point out why these guys should debut before Ya-Ya-yah, they might as well use this performance (Inori?) as their back-up case. I have to say I'm impressed with the slick performance and they even got that whole 'symmetry couple' thing going on in Kitayama  and Fujigaya.  Hikaru,  I hope you take note how executing a slick, smooth dance routine could change the look of a performance! Nikaido, your new hairstyle looks much better!

5) Kitty - Love their outfit, Love the song, Love the performance and love the group. I realized one of the reasons I love Kitty is because Inoo finally get to do his own thing and not being held back by the other 8 JJE members, I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think Inoo's star appeal kinda dimmed whenever he's with JJE, like he's been in the business for so long, but he still have to be tied up with the much younger and later JJE members. Love his "Icchainayo!"

6) Nakajima Yuto - just when you think Yamada is the hot property in juniors right now, Yuto shows that  we still shouldn't write him off! If I just  ignore what he's singing about in D.N.A, I swear I see some similarities of him and chibi-Yabu in term of stage confidence.  We better gave him more attention than Yamada or else he would resort to adopting that Jin lip-thing as his own sexy trademark..

7) Totsuka Shota - Why doesn't he look happy producing an SC? Kinda weak MC talks, he's more entertaining when singing with A.B.C and Kitty and of course as Uwasaman..

8) Kato -kun(?) - dunno who the hell he is, but whoever decided to bring him into the limelight, must've thought that Koyama's time is ending. I don't mind him replacing Koyama as Shokura's MC in near future, in my humble opinion, Koyama's MC style is too 'bland' as in 'no-nonsense-let's just-follow-the-agenda' . Probably they need Kato-kun's hyperness for a change.

but I have to say, the highlight for me was Hikaru's 'air-drum' rendition..cool stick twirling but mazui kao!!! LOL  should an idol pull such a mazui face? LOL Funny it just make me love him more~


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October 5th, 2006
debut [
[ mood | hopeful ]

now that the excitement has gone down a little, I think I can post this entry with more or less a calm mind XD

well now.. a debut announcement next Spring has emerged.. thus a possible debut for Ya-Ya-yah..

At first my initial reaction when I read from Kamichan's blog was "OMG who?" followed by "OMG Ya-Ya-yah obviously" but then somehow I came to "but Kitty is still being pimped!" mixed by "wait, what about Toma, Kazapon and Hasejun?" after thinking about the fate of those former TOPS, of course I got to thinking "could it be a new group debut? (and in the process breaking up current groups?)" but that goes back to Kitty, and as much as I love Kitty, like so many other fans, I don't want Hikaru to debut with any other group BUT Ya-Ya-yah, it would be like some sort of a 'letdown' or 'betrayal'  for the former Ya-Ya-yah members, to think that they were forced out only to find that Hikaru did not debut with the group after all (I can't believe I'm still hung up with this issue *rolls eyes* ) so I hope with all my heart that it would be Ya-Ya-yah but there's always a new thought that would made me go "hmm...but wait.."  and the cycle goes on and on and on..and ugh I have to let it go..

and so,  Allyson's Spring debut prediction! (which *shamely* is subjected to changes) !

1) Ya-Ya-yah  2) Kitty  3) A new group

So with that out of the way, here's a thought. What if it is not Ya-Ya-yah who gets to debut next spring?  well of course the world wouldn't end, but what about their world? I mean to say, if you ask any other junior fans most probably they would say it is either Ya-Ya-yah or Kis-My-Ft2 who holds the highest chances.  But if we were to be hierarchically correct, the next in line to debut after KAT-TUN should be Ya-Ya-yah, no question about that. But somewhere in fans 'hidden' sensible mind, they are aware that it could be neither of these two groups, and no matter how their fangirl heart would cry foul passionately if that happens, we all know we can never predict exactly what the jimusho has in store for us. It would be rational to at least find or reserve a place in both our mind and brain to accept a very unexpected outcome next Spring.

So back to the question, how would Ya-Ya-yah feel if they didn't get to debut next spring? Would they roll up their sleeves and work triple times harder than they already have, or would they feel dispirited and lose all sense of enthusiasm altogether? Next year, they would be together for 5 years.  A lot has happen in those years, they started out fresh and young, open and vibrant to all things johnnys and also to each other. Affectionate member hugs were natural and abound, and they wore their heart on their sleeves. A debut? Nah, they were just having the time of their lives..Then one by one went/is going through puberty. Character changes, voice matured, image becoming adult-like and personalities were shaped. How they are now individually after this important stage could be the most important factor in ensuring their value as a group. Wether they come out more strong willed and more passionate after going through all these changes. Their vision and their goal as a Johnnys idol should be clear by now.

Naturally when you get to the popularity stage of Ya-Ya-yah or Kis-My-Ft2, the only thing you want next is a debut. And even more so if you already have like tons of original songs, a TV show and a strong 5 year fanbase. What else is there to achieve before the next ultimate goal, a debut? This is where I hope Ya-Ya-yah would step up their effort and continue to improve themselves while at the same time, keep a level-headed mind. If, by some weird circumstances, they didn't get to debut next Spring, I hope they wouldn't feel 'cheated' or 'undervalued'. Worse, I hope they wouldn't get arrogant and start to say things like "we are so much better than the debuted group, hell we feel like quitting now" and in the process sour the groups' atmosphere and weakened the bond between members. I hope they wouldn't start to secretly in their mind point at each others fault and think that "I would've been debuted if I was in that OTHER group'". Shudders.

More than anything, I want all Ya-Ya-yah members not only to stay together, but to continue enjoying each others company, and continue to strengthen their bond. If they still, after 4 years since 2002 have not reached the kind of togetherness that is so important  for a Johnnys debuted group, then I don't mind them not debuting next Spring. This is not like some kind of a western boyband business, where you could force yourself to compromise each others existence to get all the money and fame for a mere 5 years or so. This is a johnnys idol business. You are expected to still be alive and kicking even if you're 30, and preferrably, in the same group. 

I wouldn't want them to end up as a debuted group that only focuses on two members, a debuted group where some members were ignored even though they have things to offer. A debuted group where people say "Oh, I love their song, but I don't like them as a GROUP. I mean, I only recognize two members because GAWD they're so HOT".

I don't want Ya-Ya-yah to end up like them.

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September 28th, 2006
Fulfilling! [
[ mood | rushed ]

gosh..homework = LOTS but I need to update. A quick one will do.

The latest Ya-Ya-yah 060924 overall entertainment value = 9. Out of 10.
It would have been 10 if I understand Japanese XD.

Hikaru and Shoon = Favourite TV show pairing. Because Hikaru is a monkey and Shoon is easily amused and willing to play along with the monkey XD and I swear the Japanese eats the weirdest kind of fish. And wtf 46 tries? And in the end they needed a permission from that little kid to have lunch? LOL. The kid would be a perfect Johnnys candidate. He's natural in front of the camera and he got mad dancing skill XD. Conclusion : A very fulfilling goisshoku!

Allyson's Ya-Ya-yah Live Stage Ranking!

Visual Ranking :  1) Shoon  2) Taiyo  3) Hikaru  4) Yabu
Shoon looks sexy. Taiyo's face is very pleasing to the eyes. And why does everybody thinks Hikaru is the ugly one in Ya-Ya-yah? Hikaru is awesome. He just acts like a monkey. So he's a cute awesome monkey XD. Yabu's hair just looks weird in this performance. 

Voice Ranking : 1) Hikaru  2) Shoon  3) Yabu  4) Taiyo
Hikaru as usual the best voice in Ya-Ya-yah, Shoon sounds 'naughty' bad in a nice way XD I think Yabu is the only one who likes to sing over his recorded voice, it's good because it shows that he appreciates singing live, but the double voice in the song sounded weird at times. Taiyo's voice just needs to break a bit faster, he has a lot of catching up to do now that the other members voices are more or less stable.

Overall Performance Ranking :  Shoon > Hikaru = Taiyo > Yabu
Shoon, what can I say, dance - perfect, that jump - awesome and it helps to be backed up by the sharp 'with-an-attitude' dancing of the younger KMF2 members , I just wish he looks into the camera more. I never really like Hikaru's song Akogare no Egoist, but the performance was the usual solid performance from Hikaru. I just still don't like the song. Taiyo's expressions - good job! Very intense expressions so he looked confident, but Yuto had to laugh and ruin the whole intense mood XD. And Taiyo's dancing doesn't look so sharp, but he's 186cm(wtf) and still growing so I can't complain much.   Yabu..I love your song, but next time please ask Sanche-san to remove those little kids swaying their bodies in front of you. And why did they need to put Inoo and Arioka at his side?  Those two plus the other kids in front of him plus the gazillion girls in the studio, practically gotten Yabu sandwiched, and in the end he just faded into one of them..

But I love To The Freedom.

Damn..this entry supposed to be quick and short!  *glances at previous posts*  well, by my standard, I guess this one is really a short entry LOL

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September 26th, 2006
Chibi Wonder [
[ mood | energetic ]

A day after Yabu's 5th anniversary in Johnnys, I rewatched Yabu's Jyanizu Medley clip.
It has been on a repeat mode in my player ever since.

I just can't get over how awesome this clip is and the fact that this clip clearly shows that

I have to find out which SC this is...it's probably before September 2003 right, because 4Tops were still...well  4. 

edit : It was SC030608 (Osaka doryaaa!!); and here is Tackey' song at the end of the medley (thanks to Kamichan!)

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September 23rd, 2006
Five Years [
[ mood | awed ]


Sometimes I’m just lost for words to describe this guy. This talent. This idol. 

Yabu Kota

Kamichan just wrote in her blog that today (23rd September) marks his 5th anniversary in Johnnys. FIVE freakin' years in the world of Johnnys. In the eyes of fans, five years of fun and entertainment, five years of singing and dancing and five years of pure blissful idol dreams. But for Yabu himself, it could be five years of hard work and perseverance, five years of tears and frustrations and five years of just trying to survive.
Every single day I'm learning everything that is to know about him, but at the end of the day, the only Yabu Kota that I know is the Yabu displayed on screen, the Yabu transcribe in magazines and the Yabu portrayed in pictures. I will never get to know the real Yabu Kota.

And it makes me wonder, for the past five years, how much of the real Yabu Kota that he had managed to let slipped unknowingly to us fans? The selfish cry during Universal Studios? The anxious anticipation before the first concert? The heartfelt hug after the letter reading? All of it? None of it?  

Indeed life as an JE idol is neither too normal nor too peculiar. But either way, I’m just glad to be able to witness his, no matter how real or superficial it gets. 

Omedetou Yabu-kun


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September 21st, 2006
because i do spazz [
[ mood | inquisitive ]

ok..i had 5 tests in the last 3 days and i'm dead beat...hmm...i think the only subject i did well was chemistry..yup, chemistry rocks.. waaay more fun than physics :p  mrs koh just gave me the list of titles for the upcoming essay competition, when i skimmed through it, i was thinking, "who came up with these boring topics?"  bleargh, i still haven't decided wether i want to submit my entry, but there was one title that caught my attention - 

"People who can successfully show masculine and feminine traits are said to be psychologically androgyny. Discuss." 

Hmm..this could be interesting. Now let's just present a bit of evidence on how some johnny's idols can successfully show masculine and feminine traits, all in the name of showbizz. 

and kamichan if you're reading this, i'm this close on agreeing with you that Hikaru had totally taken over the leader title from Yabu, but then i came across this picture, which may seem familiar to you (duh! you were there!) of the recent daibouken

now we all know how johnnys play favourite with their idols outfits..and yes the special one will usually get some sort of outfit 'distinction' and yes notice that it is Yabu who gets to wear the LONGER coat...XDD so i guess it is still safe to say that Yabu is still the leader of the group...that is, if he can keep the 'ferocious' Hikaru pimpage wave at bay...
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September 14th, 2006
thoughts on the light that shines brightly^^ [
[ mood | mellow ]

yaotome hikaru has the cutest set of teeth ever..really, my eyes can't help but to automatically focus on his teeth whenever he's singing..it's like a natural reflex for me lol   

but on a more reflective note, i think hikaru is one of the few lucky kids in Johnnys. or rather i used to think that he's lucky..lucky as in he came in at the right time just as akama and hoshino were becoming too awkward to be kept in ya-ya-yah..lucky as in he was featured heavily in ya-ya-yah's show as soon as he entered johnnys..and lucky as in he was gifted with the ability to just stand there and look adorable..until i realized that these are just my assumptions or can i say excuses as to why i think Hikaru were able to get into Ya-ya-yah so easily..that he is just plain lucky, that's all..

okay everybody can stop shooting me now ^^;

there was one thing about him that kept me interested though..in all the photoshoots that i have seen when hikaru was first added into ya-ya-yah, he didn't look out of place at all, in fact it almost feel as if he was one of the original member, that he really belongs in ya-ya-yah..there would be the 6 of them posing, and hikaru would be the one who kind of stands out but at the same time blends in with the group..it doesn't matter wether he was smiling, or smirking or even frowning, it just looks natural, it was ya-ya-yah's yaotome hikaru..and it kept me wondering why and how did he managed to do that? 

it was as if he wasn't worried about himself being added into the group, as if he doesn't feel the need to prove himself despite being the new kid, as if he doesn't care if with his inclusion, two of the original members were slowly being left out and he didn't feel threatened nor vulnerable nor sorry at all..but of course, you can say that it was because he was just a kid back then, he just wants to have fun and why should he be sorry, right?..but it still intrigued me for some reason. 

but in the end, i can say that hikaru took the chances that were given to him and he took it well to the next level. gradually..my perspective towards him change..in all of the early shows that i watched, he was nothing more than the cute new kid who forgets his lines while singing and merely grinned cheekily afterwards...but then as the show progresses, change formats, with more chances of seeing him perform on livestage and more chances to see a glimpse of his personality, it is clear that hikaru is actually special..and all the 'lucky-ness' that he had when he first entered johnnys were only because of his own natural charm and talent.

and after reading more article translations and views of other fans, hikaru naturally grows on me ^^ the first impression that came to mind if somebody were to asked me about hikaru would definitely be "the cheeky brat who gets away with anything"..but now it would be "still cheeky..but definitely essential" yes..to me he has become the essential part of ya-ya-yah now,  lately he brings a sense of style to the group, and in their latest song 'to the freedom', i love how his voice can blend really  well in solo parts of other members, it sounds great with yabu, it sounds wonderful with shoon and it sounds good with taiyou too. growing up, i don't think he'll be as reserved as yabu is now, but let him be and stay as the cheeky one in the group, the one who pokes fun on others, the one who lightens up the group, and the one who doesn't feel threatened by others presence because he feels confident with his own ability to shine.

yaotome hikaru-kun, you did well ne ^^ from now on please show me more of that cheeky smile of yours! 

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September 4th, 2006
onigokko comeback [
[ mood | cynical ]


what a letdown! >.<

i've been looking forward to watch this episode after the 'supposedly' final onigokko earlier this year because it is always fun watching them running around like crazy away from those oni. They run and hide and run as if those oni are after their idol career!  lol  

but this latest onigokko was such a letdown!  

this episode wasn't fun at all~ maybe they're tired of playing it already?? ;~; 

let me list top 10 reasons...let's see....let's see

1. the oni are those lousy annoying comedians that just couldn't shut up
2. no massu (massu runs like the wind, not afraid to wonder around exposing himself, not just crouching and hiding) 
3. inoo got caught the fastest (i wanted to see him win at least once ;~;) 
4. hikaru again chose just to hide (with a plain cloth that was so obvious)
5. i wanted to see how far taiyou could run with those long legs of his..but no luck 
6. none of  yabu's terrified-look-but-trying-to-stay-calm 
7. yabu hides at the same place as yuto (the college was so big! you're just plain lazy aren't you? )
8. yabu practically was the reason yuto got discovered (of course! they hide opposite each other)
9. yabu pathetically let himself got caught (and what's more by that annoying little man)
10. and did i mention those annoying comedians?

but i'm glad shoon won! and i get to hear that lovely 'ko-we~~' from inoo (got a fetish on his talking-sometimes-nasal voice..yes i'm weird like that) and scared inoo is such girly love <33

edit : yes..i decided to join yayayah's community...my brain is like a sponge when it comes to yayayah..it keeps on absorbing and i need more infos on them to feed this cracked yabu-filled brain lol

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